Asbestos Inspections/Surveys

Example of Asbestos

Asbestos Inspections/Surveys are required to be conducted prior to the disturbance of building materials during renovation or demolition activities. As a completely independent environmental testing firm, Third Party Testing will provide you with solutions and recommendations that are both logical, and cost-efficient to help you determine the action you need to take.


It is a good idea to have an asbestos inspection/survey of the asbestos containing materials within your home/building to stay aware of any damaged, deteriorated or disturbed asbestos containing materials and have a proper Operation and Maintenance Plan in effect for any potential problems or renovations. Once your property has been surveyed you will receive your comprehensible report within 5 business days.


Your report will include a complete visual assessment and the careful collection and lab analysis of samples. If asbestos is present, 3PT will provide a written evaluation describing its location, extent of damage, and give recommendations for correction or prevention. Our service includes frequent site visits to assure that proper remediation procedures are followed and post-evaluations to assure the area has been properly cleaned.

A typical asbestos inspection/survey will include:


Field Assessment:

  • Review of available property plans;
  • Identification of suspected asbestos-containing building materials;
  • Provide evidence of the location and estimated quantities of suspected asbestos-containing building materials;
  • Document the condition of the suspected asbestos-containing building materials;
  • Detail potential for disturbance of the suspected asbestos-containing building materials;
  • Collection and analysis of bulk samples of suspected asbestos-containing building materials from the structure; and
  • Document the sample locations on floor plan drawings.

Report Preparation:

  • Written narrative describing the location and condition of asbestos-containing building materials;
  • Summary of the suspected, confirmed, and assumed asbestos-containing building materials with the analytical results;
  • Representation of the locations of samples collected and identified and assumed asbestos-containing building materials;
  • Laboratory results